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About Us

The Village Cleaner is a family owned business. Each of Larry’s six children has helped in the business at one time or another. Larry’s older daughter, Valerie (not pictured) and her husband Shawn own and operate Norton’s Carpet Cleaning in Memphis, TN. They have two children, Conner and Meredith. Larry’s oldest son, Brian (not pictured) and his wife Carolyn reside in Bourbonnais. They have also been blessed with two children, Sophia and Brayden. Pictured below are Larry, his wife Sharilyn, and the four youngest Domont Children. Chad, 23, was permanently disabled in a car accident when he was two years old. Chad loves his job at Monical’s Corporation. Shari, 20, is preparing for a career she believes God has chosen for her as a Special Education Teacher. Marcus, 10, and Nathan, 8, welcome any opportunity to ride in Dad’s carpet truck and accompany him when running errands. They can’t wait until they can go on a “real job.”

The mission statement that Larry has adopted for himself as well as his family is to “give thanks in all things.” Some days that is hard, as were the days when his son Chad lay in a coma for three months. Looking back, though, Larry can see that by giving up their son, Chad, to God and offering thanks in spite of the situation, he and his wife have experienced many blessings. It is amazing how God can take what appears to be the stains and dirty areas in our lives and make them clean and new- if we allow Him to.

Ironically, this is what Larry does for a living. He gets invited into the homes of our many customers and removes the stains and cleans the dirty carpet and does his best to make it look new. What his customers know is that Larry always leaves their home having done his best to leave them with clean carpets. What his customers may not know is just how important each one is to him. Larry spends many hours sharing with his family different things about each of his customers. He is always excited when reading in the local newspaper of promotions, graduations, new babies, and any exciting things happening in the lives of his customers. Larry feels privileged to have served so many special people over the years and hopes that The Village Cleaner will be a positive part of our community for many years to come.